Audio Team Framingham

Shaun Lichtenstein

Engineer / Producer

Genre: Rock / Pop / Hip Hop

Shaun Lichtenstein is a songwriter, producer, and founding partner of RED 13 STUDIOS outside of Boston, MA. After attending Berklee College of Music, he co-founded the acclaimed rock band, Lansdowne. The band toured internationally with household names such as Boys Like Girls, Creed, Eve 6, Halestorm, and Theory of a Deadman. This included a USO sponsored 2007 tour for the troops at home in the States, as well as abroad, with performances ranging from NYC’s Fleet Week, all the way to Afghanistan and Kuwait. Lansdowne currently has over 4 million streams on Spotify. Additionally, Lichtenstein has performed as the touring guitarist for JAX, a fan favorite from the 14th season of American Idol.

   As a songwriter and producer, Lichtenstein was able to learn from industry powerhouses such as David Bendeth, Johnny K, Mike Watts, Paul Trust, Zack Odom, and Kenneth Mount. To this day, he benefits from songs involved in numerous licensing deals with brands such as NFL, MLB, NHL, MTV and iRobot, as well as charting on multiple Billboard charts. Lichtenstein co-wrote the song “Beautiful” with Johnny K and the popular rock group Pop Evil, which rose to the top 10 of the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Aided by his successful background,  his company Title Zero landed a collaborative publishing deal with Bluewater Music Nashville. Shaun Lichtenstein sets a high standard for himself and the team at RED 13 STUDIOS, while striving to achieve excellence for the company and its prospective clients.

Jonathan Mitsiaris

Engineer / Producer

Genre: Pop

He’s known around the studio as The Hit Wizard for his magical ability to make a hit out of your next project.  Jonathan is a professionally trained vocalist and specializes in vocal production and vocal coaching to help artists in the booth deliver the best possible vocal chops they have…singer or not!  Jonathan is well experienced in both digital and analog recording and graduated from The University of New Haven with a B.A. in Music & Sound Recording.  He is incredibly versatile when it comes to working with different genres of music as his portfolio includes work from pop, rock, hip-hop/rap, reggae, and metal.  He has a passion for pop music and incorporates many pop elements into the projects that he works on.  If you’re looking to get some spicy new flair into your next track, Jonathan is your guy!