Brand Audit


In today’s world that is dominated by social media and mobile phones it is important for Brands, Artists, and Businesses to ensure their presence online is representative of their brand inside and out. Making sure you are registered with all of the most popular social media platforms is step one. From there we will ensure all your information and content across them all is cohesive and share a quality standard. The following tasks within the service are executed if needed.

  1. Review all platforms (Facebook Brand Page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Linkedin, Google Knowledge Panel)
  2. Advise in registration of any platform missing.
  3. Ensure all handles and URLs are the same across allplatforms
  4. Write or edit bio
  5. Update banners and profile photos to establish a cohesiveand easily identifiable presence.
  6. Clean up/Archive low quality or misrepresenting content.