Fan Growth System


OBJECTIVE: Our goal is to begin the build out of a digital sales funnel that will use specific content to drive targeted audiences to to an artists Facebook and Instagram page with the intent to convert them to followers to fans and then to drive them further down the funnel in order to generate revenue from streaming, online merch sales, live shows and owned audience revenue (shout out campaigns, brand endorsements, licensing, etc.).

PHASE ONE (TESTING): We will launch multiple test ads that consist of different content and copy combinations that are targeted to different interest based audiences determined by current listener data (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, ect) to see which ones result in the best feedback score and cost per acquisition: Once this is determined we will begin PHASE TWO.

PHASE TWO (NEW FOLLOWER GROWTH): We will use the best performing ad from the tests and launch an ad focused on a call to action to follow or “Like” an artist’s Facebook and Instagram page. Once the audience is converted to a follower they now have the potential to become a “Fan”. We will then re-target the followers with an ad that greets the new followers and gives insight on the artist and what content they can expect to see moving forward.

PHASE THREE (RE-TARGET SPOTIFY, APPLE, YOUTUBE): Current followers and new followers will now be pushed to become a “Fan”. We will then re-target the followers with a specific type of ad with more polished content to drive them to the Artist’s Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Account.

PHASE FOUR (CONTACT INFORMATION): Anyone that interacts with the PHASE THREE will then be targeted with some type of incentive to sign up and give us email and phone number so we can then begin the buildout of the automated email and text message drip campaigns. These will be used to drive your new fans to follow all socials and DSPS, announce new releases and get them to pre-save release, visit website and merch store, and notify them about upcoming shows.