Jim Foster

Jim Foster

Jim Foster is a Film Director, Record Producer, and Engineer who has worked on hundreds of records and music videos. He has collaborated on numerous Gold, Platinum, and Grammy-nominated endeavors as well as feature-film, high-level branding, and television work. 

As a musician in the early 2000’s Foster signed a record deal with iconic hip hop group The Beastie Boys (Grand Royal/Virgin) which allowed him to work with high-level industry veterans and talent which allowed him to understand the artists he works with in ways that many directors can’t understand.

Now strictly focusing on film work, Foster has directed and produced several notable music videos throughout the years, most recently directing Chris Daughtry’s latest single “Changes Are Coming” as well as a reality show with legendary rock band Godsmack who he also archived all the content from their 20+ year career as well as filmed the making of their last three albums.

Foster has partnered with world-class artists and performers such as Daughtry, Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Shinedown, Sound Garden, Queensryche, and Whitechapel, among many others, and brings a level of creativity and focus to all his productions regardless of budget or status. 


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