Music Mastering Service

We get it—looking for a mastering engineer can be scary. That’s why we offer our premium Red13 guarantee.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our work that we’ll personally pay for the time it takes to master samples of your music/mix.

The sample(s) will showcase exactly what you can achieve with us on the sonic spectrum and the full range of the audio possibilities available for your music.  

If you like them, you can buy and download the completed masters. 

If you don’t? No worries, these samples are on us.

Mastering Samples

Hear The Red13 Mastering Difference

Click the ‘Play’ button on the cover art then use the ‘Original’ and ‘Mastered’ buttons below to switch between the mix version and the mastered version.

Alternative Pop


Jenna Holiday

Indie Rock





Prospect Hill

Heavy Jazz


Mariano Xavier

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Listen To George

Free Mastering Price Quote & Sample (If You’d Like)

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