Mastering Quote

$50 per song/track

Yup, that is it. Only $50 for a professional studio master for a ‘typical’ song/track.

If we’re talking about a multitrack with a full orchestra that is definitely going to be more.

By ‘typical’ we mean more alongs the lines of a band recording or an artist with backing track(s).

Most studios, good or bad, are going to charge you about $300 for the same level of service.

For us this is not a money grab our interest is to build a relationship with artists worldwide and we think this is a good way to do that.

Mastering Sample

If you’d like to move forward we are happy to provide a mastering sample free of charge.

Mastering Project Details

This is where the rubber meets the road. Please complete this simple multi page/step form which includes uploading your mix file.

If you are not prepared to upload your mix file right now that is o.k. we’ve emailed you a link to this page so that you can return when you ARE ready.