Member Spotlight Interview: Keila Roman

Name/Artist Name:  KEILA ROMAN

Age: 22

Location: Worcester/Framingham

Genre: Pop



What type of musician are you? Do you play any instruments?

Vocalist! None 🙁


What’s your story? When and why did you start performing?

I’ve always loved music so much, my dad would play the guitar and have me sing along with him since I was maybe 3 years old. From then on I was obsessed with music and singing and wanted to perform for people. I found a local group that traveled all around western mass and was able to be a part of it from 11 to 20 years old.


What other musicians first inspired you when you first started and who inspires you at the moment? Having been inspired by others to become an artist yourself, how have other musicians influenced your sound or helped you discover your own? What makes your art/music you? How do you hope to inspire others?

When I first started performing I was super inspired (and still am) by singers like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and of course Mariah Carey. I just love powerful, passionate voices and women who could capture the attention of an entire audience with just one note. Singers who inspire me now are Demi Lovato, Sam Smith, and Rihanna. I know they’re all super different as performers and as artists in general but they each have something so special and unique about them as artists and I genuinely feel like they all influenced my style I’ve created for myself now as an artist. I want to inspire other artists to be original and appreciate what makes you different from other mainstream artists because yes, maybe there is one sound/style that’s popular in this particular moment but that does not mean you have to change your sound/style to adapt to that. I remember growing up with my performance group I would get so frustrated with having a raspy undertone to my voice, I forced myself to do theater and sing songs completely out of my range to try to fit in with the vision everyone else had for me as a performer, took until about 2 years ago that I decided that I LOVE my raspy voice, I love showcasing it whenever I can because that’s what makes me different and instead of being ashamed of it and trying to change myself nearly to the point of damaging my voice, I embrace it and own MY sound.


What is your process of creating new art/music, do you have any rituals, routines, etc? What current project are you working on at Red 13 Studios and with whom?

Currently I have been working with the studio to finish up my first original single, from the beats to the lyrics, these guys have been able to create (and we’re almost finished!) a song I never thought could even be possible. I cant say I have a certain process when it comes to creating because this is my very first time making something original rather than my usual YouTube covers but I would say the process of creating this having the song be something fun that people can vibe and dance to, but also showcases my vocals at the same time. And that’s the way I want all my music to be.


How did you hear about R13?

I was researching studios in the area and I realized that one of my friend’s Cameron Hoffman had been associated with Red 13, I immediately reached out and the rest is history. I’m so happy I did and forced myself out of my comfort zone, I can’t imagine having this great of an experience anywhere else ( I’ve tried lol)


What is your favorite thing about Red 13 Studios?

The genuine supportive atmosphere each creator gives off, and the way everyone has pitched in to help with my first project. All of the guys have willingly jumped in to help with every aspect of my single; all of the beats and lyrics and edits could not have been possible without the inputs of each one of the guys here. I’m super grateful and I get more and more excited with each session.


Upcoming events/shows? What’s next for you?

Fingers-crossed I’ll be able to perform my single at different venues, I hope to be able to create a FIRE video for this single and just keep snowballing amazing songs to make an entire album with the studio!


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