Pre Production


The Goal Of Pre-Production Is A Industry Quality Demo

How It Works


Song Review

We’ll start by having you submit your song idea or ‘work tape’ for review. This can be a simple as a voice memo from your phone. It doe not have to be a complete song.

Our producers and songwriters will analyze the track examining the current key, music, melody and style.

If there are lyrics, the lyricism will also be looked at.

The goal is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the song in this raw form before we head into songwriting.



Now it is time to co-write your song with producers and musicians that now understand your initial vision.

First we’ll establish the right key and tempo. Then we’ll move onto the songs structure and arrangement.

Does it need a better tag or hook? Are there any lyric edits? Is the chorus hitting hard enough?

At the end of the process you’ll have a fully formed song ready for full demo production.


Scratch Tracking

A scratch track is a rough play-through of a song that serves as a guide for recording final takes.

It’s usually just a couple instruments, like a rhythm guitar and vocal playing along to a click track or a place holder drum beat.

It’s a method that improves the feel of playing from musicians when they are recording.

Scratch tracking is when the fun begins and often when the magic happens. Takes are captured that feel more natural and less forced because the pressure isn’t really on.


Demo Production

A demo is sample recording of your music. Usually, demos do not include an entire album’s worth of material.

Typically, a demo is not meant to be a polished, final product.

However, the studio quality demo you will produce with Red13 will sound great.

No one will think it is a ‘demo’.

You can stop here depending on what your plan for the demo is OR you could switch from demo production to more of a release production which would likely mean tracking additional instrumentation and dedicated mixing and mastering sessions.


Our pricing is a per hour flat rate for all stages of Pre-Production.

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