To Our Red 13 Studios Community,

Please THOROUGHLY read through the updated policies, protocols, & procedures below. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe space during this reopening phase so our Clients and Staff can create without worry.

  • Arrival Policies:
    • Clients must use the back lot entrance (NOT the black metal staircase). Below is a photo on where to park and how to enter the building appropriately. We will not be answering the black metal staircase door.
  • Arrival Policies:
    • Clients will have to sign a release form acknowledging that to the best of their knowledge they are not sick, and that they have not interacted with anyone who is sick.
    • Clients must be wearing a mask on the way in. You may take your mask off in the studio, as you will be fully distanced from Staff.
    • Clients may not have ANY guests that are not their ride or a guardian.
    • Clients must bring their own Pop Filter. If you do not have one, or do not bring one, you will have to purchase one from us in order to record vocals. Metal Sterling Pop Filters (which are easily sanitized for future use by you) will cost $60. If you do not want this charge, please bring your own pop filter.
    • Clients must sanitize their hands immediately at the sanitizer station at the Red 13 entrance.
    • If you are EARLY for your session, you will have to wait outside until it is time for your session.
    • If you are LATE for your session, you will only have the remainder of time left that your session was booked for. Sessions will not be extended for any reason.
  • Studio Policies:
    • Only the “War Room” Recording Studio will be open.
      • After check-in, Client (and if applicable, their ride or guardian) will follow the arrows provided up the ramp and into the “War Room” Live Room.
      • There will be one bathroom designated to Clients marked by arrows on the floor, which will be sanitized before and after each session for your safety.
      • All other areas of the studio besides the War Room Live Room and Client Designated Bathroom are off limits.
      • Your ride or guardian must remain in the room with you at all times, unless using the bathroom. They may also wait outside, if they so choose.
      • Do not under any circumstances enter the Control Room. You will have a tv screen where you can see what the engineer is doing in the War Room Live Room, and you’ll be able to communicate directly with your engineer from your side through the microphone. 
      • If you need your files from the session, your engineer will zip the files and WeTransfer them to you. 
      • When your session is done, please remember to take your Pop Filter with you. Also, please put your mask back on until you are outside the building and back in your vehicle.
      • Please exit the building the same way you came in.
  • Booking Policies:
    • All audio (recording, production, editing, mixing, or mastering) sessions will be $50 /hr for Members. No Non-Member bookings will be made during this phase.
    • Video Production & Photography will be priced on a project to project basis, and subject to strict guidelines by the State.
    • We will be launching an online booking system for Clients to schedule your sessions. Once this is available, all sessions will be scheduled through this booking system. We will be booking sessions by call/text/email until this system is ready. 
    • Bookings must be paid in full at time of booking.
    • If you need to cancel or reschedule, you must give 48 hours notice for a refund.
    • The only exception that will be made to the cancellation policy is if you are feeling sick. You may cancel at any time if you feel sick. If you cancel due to feeling sick, you may not be eligible to rebook for 3 weeks minimum to ensure the safety of our staff and other Clients.
    • We will have a mandatory 20min cleaning period between sessions, where all surfaces will be thoroughly sanitized in the War Room Live Room and the Client Designated Bathroom.
    • Our Staff will wear masks and gloves during the check-in process and cleaning process.
    • If any of our Staff feel sick, or have encountered anyone who is sick, they will report it to us immediately and will not come to work or return to work until they have been cleared as safe to do so.
    • If any of our Staff and/or Clients are diagnosed with COVID-19, we will immediately shutdown and thoroughly disinfect the entire studio and notify our Clients. We will not reopen until it is safe to do so per the guidelines issued by the State.
    • We will be vigorously adhering to the guidelines issued by the State for cleaning and sanitization of the entire Studio.
    • We are closely monitoring the situation in our State, and will continue to stay updated on how to best protect our Clients and Staff during this reopening phase and future phases. We will keep you informed as to any changes to these policies, protocols, and procedures.

Thank you!
– Team Red 13