The Goal Of Recording Is A Release Ready Song Or Set Of Songs.

Recording Can Be Done In Person At One Of Our Studios Or Remotely/Online.

How It Works



Songs ideas usually start with a flash of inspiration.

The composition phase is all about experimenting with potential ideas in order to build the song’s fundamental components.

What makes a song good is subjective and up to the listener.

A song’s craft can be more accurately recognized, and it will usually include the following elements: melody, harmony, rhythm, a beginning, a middle, and an end.

During the composition stage, we’ll try out different ideas to see what works best for your song whether we start with just a raw idea, a phone voice-memo or a pre-recorded demo.



The process of arranging music is the art of taking your musical thoughts and arranging them over a timeline in order to create a complete song.

Arranging is an important–albeit often overlooked–stage of music production. A song can have a great beat and melody, but if it gets too repetitive after a while, that’s usually because the arrangement isn’t interesting enough.

If you’ve come up with a decent verse and chorus, it’s not enough to just repeat them one after another. Without dynamics, tension, and release (otherwise known as a buildup), the listener will be bored.

A successful song will grab a listener’s interest, maintain their attention, and generate an emotional response.



Time to bring in the gear.

We refer to this stage as “tracking” since the recording process can be referred to in many ways.

When recording a song, it is typically done one track at at a time. This process of layering multiple tracks on top of each other is called multi-track recording.

For the most part, tracking usually starts with drums, followed by bass, and then lead instruments that make up the melody.

The goal during tracking is to capture the individual performances that make up the song.

When the record button is pushed, it is all about the performance.



The production, or sound design, stage is where the sonic ‘jewelry’ comes in.

During this phase, various instruments, presets, or ambient sounds will be sampled, generated, or altered to create additional ‘noises’.

By layering and adding various effects to the winning sounds, we will create an interesting and unique sounds to enhance the song.

This is the final stage of recording. We scrutinize every detail here before moving onto Comping & Editing.


Comping & Editing

In this stage, we will finalize the recorded or programmed parts and put them all together to complete the song and its sounds.

Comping—making a comp (composite) track from multiple takes—is the process of putting together the best elements of several takes to create one ‘golden take.

Editing includes dragging, dropping, cutting, trimming, copying, pasting, quantizing and nudging the various recorded or programmed parts to fit together well.

Attention is paid to; removing any clicks or pops, making sure transitions are flowing correctly, and deleting harmful audio or MIDI. We also check make sure that everything is in time.


Mix Prep & Mixing

The procedure of combining many audio layers to form a final track is known as mixing.

Mixing entails balancing levels, panning sounds, equalizing, compressing, harmonic boosting, correcting faults, and adding various effects.

Mixing also involves using techniques like automation and sound editing to create an original composition, as well as ensuring each instrument has its own place in the mix.

The mixing stage is when the creative hat comes off and the technical hat goes on. Mixing is both an art and a science.

A good mix creates width, depth, and height while also enhancing perception volume, clarity, and fullness.



Mastering is the last step in the process of making a song (or album). It’s all about taking the audio mix and getting it ready to be ‘radio ready’.

The mastering stage involves a series of small audio adjustments including equalization, compression, saturation, stereo widening, and limiting.

The goal of mastering is to bring the stereo mix into balance, ensure that all elements sound coherent, and attain commercial loudness.

It ensures that that the song, when played back, will sound good on all speaker systems and in all media formats.


Our pricing is a per hour flat rate for all stages of Pre-Production.

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