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Red 13 Studios was established in 2017 in Framingham, MA by Bamrock Entertainment LLC, a holding company owned by four music industry veterans and close friends Mark Roberge, Shaun Lichtenstein, Jim Foster and Johnny Roberge. Individually they have all attained success and navigated through their own “Rock N Roll” story as Musicians, Artists, Writers, Producers, and overall creatives. As their paths intertwined friendships were built a shared passion discovered and a  mission was born. A mission to elevate New England into the entertainment hub it is meant to be. The way they see it is if the New England Music Industry was a professional sports team it would be getting smoked by L.A, Nashville, Miami, NYC, Austin, and Chicago. An area that is home to so much talent and history that is  filled with music and film industry legends, there is no reason our region can’t thrive and become head of the pack. 

As each of them made their climb into their respected status their was a constant fight and swim against the current they would each face while trying to “make it” and being from New England. This fight would give them perspective, experience, knowledge, and a network into the industry that would prove to be proprietary to their current business model and a major value to their clients and community. Armed with an amazingly talented team of creatives, a beautiful state of the art facility and all the resources imaginable the four of them created an affordable high end production and artist development studio to give independent artists the ability to elevate their projects to major label level.


The mission we set to accomplish was to bring the knowledge we’ve attained over the years and help artists navigate through this crazy industry. As the saying goes…

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far… go together.

Let’s go!

Mark Roberge


Mark Roberge is a co-founder and the current CEO of Bamrock Entertainment, an entertainment holding company that oversees the creative agency, Red 13 Creative, production studio, Red 13 Studios, and label, Red 13 Records. 

When it comes to the music industry, Roberge is a veteran. As a driving force, Roberge helped his band, Prospect Hill develop a cult-following throughout the United States, grossing six figures annually while staying fully independent with no label or financial backing from outside sources. Through Roberge’s leadership, Prospect Hill was able to become completely self-sufficient, handling all of their own touring, merchandising, licensing deals, and album release strategies. These experiences as a founding member, drummer, and co-songwriter of the national rock band Prospect Hill, enabled Roberge to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to become a successful leader in the music industry.

As a producer and songwriter, Roberge has been involved in multiple projects that have garnered recognition on The Billboard charts, achieving millions of downloads and streams across all platforms.

Through establishing valuable relationships with high-level professionals in the music industry over the years, Roberge has developed an expertise in marketing and branding. Roberge uses this expertise to guide aspiring artists and creatives looking to gain momentum and maintain an audience in the entertainment industry. As CEO of Bamrock Entertainment / Red 13 Studios, Roberge leads a talent-cultivating team, environment, and hotspot that has become one of the most prominent studios in all of New England. A distinct vision and vast networking capabilities enable Mark Roberge to progress in his career as an innovator in the music industry

Shaun Lichtenstein


Shaun Lichtenstein is a co-founder and current Head of Production of Red 13 Studios and COO of Bamrock Entertainment. He is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and entertainment entrepreneur with many years of hands-on experience in the music industry. After attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music on a music scholarship, he went on to co-found the nationally known rock band, Lansdowne. With Lansdowne, Lichtenstein toured internationally with household names such as Boys Like Girls, Creed, Eve 6, Puddle of Mud, Black Stone Cherry, Theory of a Deadman, and more. These tours included a USO sponsored 2007 tour for the troops at home in the States, as well as abroad, with performances ranging from NYC’s Fleet Week, all the way to Afghanistan and Kuwait. Lansdowne currently has over 50 Million Streams across YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Lichtenstein has also toured as the lead guitarist for fan favorite American Idol Season 14 alumni and Atlantic Records artist, JAX.

As a songwriter and producer, Lichtenstein has continued to attain success with numerous songs having been licensed to brands such as NFL, MLB, NHL, MTV and iRobot, just to name a few. This was accomplished while still charting with multiple artists in terrestrial and satellite radio formats, most notably a Top 10 Mainstream Rock single titled “Beautiful”, that was co-written and released by the widely popular group group Pop Evil (eOne Music). This culminated into a publishing collaboration deal between his company Title Zero Music Publishing and the Los Angeles-based publishing company North Music Group. In 2017, Lichtenstein and Mark Roberge (together as OH NO! ØKTAPUS)  amassed five Top 50 Mainstream Rock songs for their work with the Alabama natives Shallow Side (Thermal Entertainment) and the New York metal band Vajra (Independent). His industry experience gives him a unique insight and necessary skills to be able to coach young artists on how to achieve similar success, reminding them that their budding music careers are not just a hobby, but a creative business that needs to operate correctly and efficiently to become profitable.

Jim Foster

Head of Media

Jim Foster is a co-founder and the Head of Media for Red 13 Studios. He has been working in production for over 20 years as a music and video producer. He is a founding member of the rock band Nullset, which was signed to The Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal Records in 1999. Around this time, he was introduced to the Grammy Award-winning producer, Howard Benson, who produced Nullset’s debut album and offered Foster opportunities on some of his productions. The most noteworthy project was as the Pro Tools engineer on the Grammy-nominated P.O.D. album “Satellite”, which has sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide. Jim Foster has produced hundreds of records with several Grammy-nominated endeavors, as well as feature-film and television soundtrack credits.  As a director and producer he has worked with world-class artists and performers such as Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Shinedown, Sound Garden, Queensrÿche, Whitechapel, and many others. Jim Foster helped create RED 13 STUDIOS to express his passion for creation in art and entertainment, while maintaining a focus on the artist’s vision. The catalogue of projects assembled by Foster is vast, impressive, and continually expanding. Foster is a consummate professional with the experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm essential in guiding aspiring artists to bring their creations to life.

John Roberge

Head of Branding

Johnny Roberge is a co-founder of Red 13 Studios and the Head of Branding. He is a self-taught graphic and web designer who works with Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, and Aftereffects. In his spare time he is a member of the national rock band Prospect Hill.