Red13 about


Red 13 Studios was established in 2017 in Framingham, MA by Bamrock Entertainment LLC, a holding company owned by four music industry veterans and close friends Mark Roberge, Shaun Lichtenstein, Jim Foster and Johnny Roberge. Individually they have all attained success and navigated through their own “Rock N Roll” story as Musicians, Artists, Writers, Producers, and overall creatives. As their paths intertwined friendships were built a shared passion discovered and a  mission was born. A mission to elevate New England into the entertainment hub it is meant to be. The way they see it is if the New England Music Industry was a professional sports team it would be getting smoked by L.A, Nashville, Miami, NYC, Austin, and Chicago. An area that is home to so much talent and history that is  filled with music and film industry legends, there is no reason our region can’t thrive and become head of the pack. 

As each of them made their climb into their respected status their was a constant fight and swim against the current they would each face while trying to “make it” and being from New England. This fight would give them perspective, experience, knowledge, and a network into the industry that would prove to be proprietary to their current business model and a major value to their clients and community. Armed with an amazingly talented team of creatives, a beautiful state of the art facility and all the resources imaginable the four of them created an affordable high end production and artist development studio to give independent artists the ability to elevate their projects to major label level.